Is there a demand for physiotherapists in australia?

If approved by the government, physical therapists who wish to obtain the right to prescribe must request board endorsement and meet certain criteria. Perth-based physical therapist Jo Milios created a non-profit exercise group for men with prostate cancer and promotes men's health. The Australian Physiotherapy Association has been working towards a professional career for physiotherapists. About 81 percent of physical therapists define their primary role as doctors, and the rest as administrators, educators or researchers.

The findings show that physical therapy is a profession with considerable demand in several employment sectors, said Australian Physiotherapy Board Chair Kim Gibson. Physical therapists can now complete a course to become accredited diabetes educators, and there is also the future possibility that they may prescribe some medications, particularly those for pain and breathing, however, this may take several years to occur. Professional Standards: To become a physical therapist, there are 9 standards you must meet, as set by the Australian Council of Physical Therapy. Most practicing physical therapists work in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland and in major cities.

Physical therapists can also play a role in rehabilitation in situations such as an adult returning to work or treating children who have been pushed too far on the sports field. Some physical therapists will be interested in becoming hand therapists, and there is also an opportunity for physical therapists to work with people with disabilities. Intensive care physical therapists may also use techniques such as lung ultrasound in the future. Musculoskeletal disorders: Ironically, it is common for physical therapists to suffer from work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

Physical therapists play an important role in keeping people moving, whether it's to achieve peak performance in athletes and people with chronic illnesses. While the ratio is 145 physiotherapists per 100,000 people in major cities, it drops to 89 per 100,000 in regional areas and to 46 per 100,000 in remote and very remote areas.

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