Can a physio diagnose injury?

Like doctors, physical therapists can be “primary contact professionals who can examine, diagnose and treat injuries. Physical therapists are primary health care providers who focus on evaluating the neuromuscular, musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems. His scope of practice includes the diagnosis of diseases or disorders associated with physical dysfunction, injury or pain, and the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention or relief of physical dysfunction, injury or pain to develop, maintain, rehabilitate or increase function and promote mobility. Therefore, while physical therapists can diagnose, they should only diagnose diseases or disorders associated with the musculoskeletal system.

Are unable to diagnose diseases or disorders associated with other systems, such as cardiovascular or neuromuscular systems. However, they can help treat people with cardiovascular and neurological diseases with techniques within their scope of practice, such as exercise. In most cases, a GP will refer you to a physical therapist to diagnose your injury from Seeing a physical therapist first allows you to start treatment right away. Your physical therapist has been trained to immobilize the joint if necessary and progress rehabilitation and recovery.

For most musculoskeletal injuries, the faster treatment is started, the faster the injury will heal completely. Both a family doctor and a physical therapist can diagnose your injury. Physical therapists are similar to doctors who are referred to as “first contact professionals” when it comes to musculoskeletal problems. Referral is not required to consult with them directly and they can help diagnose and treat your injury immediately.

With specific advice, education, and exercises, a physical therapist can show you how to best manage your pain and condition at home and work. On the other hand, there are also specialists in sports physiotherapy who have additional training and qualifications. Perhaps the most important factor of all is the fact that a physiotherapist, in the worst case, will spend 30 minutes evaluating your problem. The only important difference is that physical therapists can refer you for scans, but they can't prescribe medication.

For most musculoskeletal disorders, all physical therapists will be trained to provide you with useful education and exercise. That said, all physical therapists working in private practice (in clinics) should be able to evaluate, diagnose and treat sports-related injuries. Physical therapists are “first contact professionals, qualified to evaluate, diagnose and treat pain and musculoskeletal conditions. The physical therapist may refer you directly for an examination or send you to the doctor for referral.

That said, research shows that education and exercise are the most beneficial components of physical therapy. Why can't I just have an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon, since I feel like the physical therapist can't really help with this as I will need surgery? If your treatment is ongoing, your family doctor and physical therapist will likely work together to ensure that your treatment is effective. We help with pain and injury with physical therapy for everyone from Raymond Terrace, Medowie, Tea Gardens, Seaham, Dungog and surrounding suburbs including Maitland, Rutherford, Telarah, Lorn, Bolwarra, Greta, Branxton and Singleton, and Thornton, Beresfield, Ashtonfield, East Maitland, Metford, Carrington, Mayfield, Wickham, Maryville, In and around Newcastle. Your Lane Cove physical therapist is an expert in back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, ankle pain, hip pain, neck pain, headaches, muscle pain, hydrotherapy and much more.

Another option could be that you have a chronic health condition or chronic pain that lasts longer than three months; that's a good time to see a doctor because you can get a special referral from EPC to see a physical therapist and get Medicare reimbursements in up to 5 visits (you can read more about EPC plans HERE — Can I get learn more about EPC plans? Medicare reimbursements for physical therapy?). .

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