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Personalized, high quality adelaide physical therapy services in Fulham. A physical therapy service provided by videoconference that allows evaluation and treatment when a face-to-face visit is not possible. Since then, he has become an accredited McKenzie therapist, which means he is one of only two McKenzie accredited therapists in Adelaide. Upon his return to Australia, he continued his physiotherapy career at the Royal Adelaide Hospital working in Orthopedics, Burns and ICU before branching into private practice.

Kimberley and Russell worked together right after the turn of the century and, as a result, have a similar style and approach to physical therapy and Pilates. The services of physical therapists include individual and group pilates programs, hydrotherapy, pain management, massage, real-time ultrasound evaluation of deep abdominal muscles, McKenzie method, rehabilitation after a work or car accident. Lisa has worked with sports teams, including teams from the Glenelg Football Club League and Reserve, the State Netball Tango Club League, and most recently, Lockleys Football Club, which is sponsored by Adelaide West Physio+Pilates. Nicole has gained experience in the areas of musculoskeletal physiotherapy, in particular low back and neck pain, and sports physiotherapy, which has allowed her to work with a wide range of clients.

Before physical therapy, Maddie trained in dance, but due to injuries and the development of persistent pain, she changed direction. Russell graduated from SA University in 1994 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy with first class honors. He comes to us from Lyell McEwin Hospital and brings his expertise in many areas, not only in orthopedics and musculoskeletal physiotherapy, but also in respiratory physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. With experience in competitive swimming, he is also interested in sports injuries and is a member of the APA Sports Physiotherapy Group and the APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Group.

Leading physios in Adelaide who have a passion for helping people regain control of their pain, using a treatment based on the latest scientific evidence.

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